CD – Estructura – Mas Alla de Tu Mente

R$ 93,00

  • Ano: 1978
  • Quantidade de Musicas: 15
  • Genero: Rock Progressivo
  • Gravadora: Not on Label – SC 200242
  • Origem: Venezuela

ESTRUCTURA – Mas Alla De Tu Mente (Beyond Your Mind). S.C 200 2421. South American release. NEW UNPLAYED CD. This item does not come factory sealed. Originally issued in 1978 as a double LP. Includes 12-page info/art insert booklet. MEMBERS: David Maman, Antonio Rassi, Agni Mogollon, Domenico Prioretti, Walton de Jongh, Marisela Perez, and Maria Eugenia Ciliberto with Gustavo Pierral as narrator. TRACKS: En Su Busca, En El Tiempo, Mas Alla De Tu Mente, Como Un Sueno, Confusion, Hacia Donde, La Gran Ciudad, Suenos, Su Gente, Su Presencia, Irrealidad, Un Nino, El Regreso, El Mensaje a Nuestra Humanidad, and La Ilegada. DESCRIPTION: Formed in 1977 and coming from the city of Maracay, Estructura has the privilege of being one of the first Venezuelan bands to record a progressive rock album, predating Tempano’s 1979 album Atabal Yemal. Their style can generally be classified as symphonic progressive, but this album rocks plenty hard, especially the guitar work of Antonio Rassi. This is a concept album similar to Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Rick Wakeman, but with a totally different musical structure. The album has a slow start, in that the production seemed, at first, too polished and mainstream (the syncopated drum beat on the introduction of the opening track, it also crops back up later in the track, and subsequent movements of the first track), but after that the shiny surface is peeled away and the true grit and greatness of this album comes through. Fumbling through the liner notes (in both Spanish and English) I discovered that this is a concept album which makes the opening a little easier to digest. Much like Journey To The Center Of The Earth and similar to what the Moody Blues have done, there is narration between some of the tracks tieing together the concept format. Overall this stands up well in the grand world of progressive rock. Before the group split up, they recorded a second album, Estructura (Structure), in 1980.