CD – Panta Rei – Panta Rei

R$ 113,00

  • Ano: 1973
  • Quantidade de Musicas: 5
  • Genero: Hard Progressivo Escandinavo
  • Gravadora: Flawed Gems – GEM 51
  • Origem: Sweden

Compact disc reissue of this rare psychedelic/progressive freak-rock album, released in 1973 on Harvest in Sweden, has great instrumental wealth – flutes, guitars, maracas, timbales, harmonica, and remarkable percussion -resulting in five songs with a very special character that has, at times, a very North American sound. Panta Rei’s tight playing and Thomas Arnesen’s terrific searing guitar leads directly resulted in the recording of this, Panta Rei’s only album, a great effort from a band who tried to record an album after playing at a big acid festival in Uppsala in 1971, but got so stoned that nothing got done, and the tapes went up in smoke! An amazing combination of trippy blissed-out guitar raves, complex compositions, and consciousness-expanding improvisation which sounds better today than ever before. Sports one of the most controversial record covers ever printed.