CD – Quarteto 1111 – Singles and EPs

R$ 68,50

  • Ano: 1970
  • Quantidade de Músicas: 13
  • Gênero: Psichedelic 
  • Gravadora: World Psychedelia Ltd 
  • Origem: Portugal

A band that featured the most legendary musician in Portuguese pop music history (Jose Cid, widely reknowned in mellotron and progressive music circles), and yet this is the first chance weve had to hear anything by his legendary group; what we find is a very nicely packaged fifteen track collection of delicious melodic pop/psychedelia that leads off with Quarteto 1111s striking debut single A Lenda De El-Rei D. Sebastiao from 1967, a song which changed the course of pop music in Portugal; as with any band of quality in that heady time, Quarteto 1111 (Jose Cid in particular) had run-ins with the politicos, which caused some of their output to be surpressed; yet, here are tracks from every year between 1967-1971, including their two English language songs Ode to the Beatles and Back to the Country; the Beatles were obviously a very big influence on Quarteto 1111, which is evident in everything from melodic construction of the songs, to use of backward tape effects, instrumentation, string arrangements, etc.); booklet has some notes on the bands history, empahsizing the importance of A Lenda De El-Rei D. Sebastiao. A poetic band, well-represented.