CD – Soft Machine – Live 1967-1969 – CD Duplo – Radio Shows

R$ 102,00

  • Ano: 1967-1969
  • Quantidade de Músicas: 16
  • Gravadora: London Calling – LC2CD5083
  • Origem: England

Two incredible performances,  includes the entire ORTF broadcasts full colour booklet with background liners and rare images digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality Soft Machine, live 1967 – ‘69.

Since their early inception as the Wilde Flowers, the Soft Machine referred to themselves as “architects of space time” rather than simple musicians and simultaneously quoted the painter Picabia: “Art is the cult of the errors” as a strong reference to their make-up. Astronauts, explorers or intrepid artistic voyagers, Soft Machine is all of these and more, but with a sonic and human warmth that few dare to reach. Two years after their initial French excursion in July 1967, the trio format would be gone when the Softs expanded in size with the addition of Marc Charig, Elton Dean, Lyn Dobson and Nick Evans thereby making this period all the more engaging in its more minimal, core structure. London Calling proudly presents a jewel in the crown of Soft Machine’s recorded legacy with two live performances that highlight those early manoeuvres that would shape not only the Canterbury scene, but the entire progressive collage and its numerous hybrid manifestations. Superb, professionally, remastered original ORTF broadcasts, presented with background liners and timeline photos.