LP – Christopher – What’cha Gonna Do? – Capa Dupla

R$ 212,00

  • Ano: 1969
  • Formato: LP Capa Dupla – Lacrado 
  • Quantidade de Musicas: 7
  • Genero: Rock
  • Gravadora: Lion Productions – LION LP-101
  • Origem: USA

Christopher recorded “What’cha Gonna Do?” at Arthur Smith Studios in Charlotte, NC, a state of the art 8-track studio. Smith himself was a famous performer and songwriter who wrote ‘Guitar Boogie’ and ‘Dueling Banjos.’ It was the best studio money could buy in the South at the time, an astonishingly expensive $62 per hour, but the studio wasn’t quite sure what to make of Christopher! The engineer, Jerry Black, introduced himself by saying, “This is the first 8-track stereo recording of an acid rock band I’ve ever done” in his Southern drawl.” And so it was.