LP – Flower Travellin’ Band – Satori + 2 Bonus – Capa Dupla

R$ 310,00

  • Ano: 1971 
  • Formato: LP Capa Dupla Lacrado
  • Quantidade de Músicas: 11
  • Bonus tracks: 2
  • Gênero: Rock Psychedelic 
  • Gravadora: Ethelion Records – ET 1033
  • Origem: England

1971’s ‘Satori’ is a conceptual hard rock-psych album driven by Hideki Ishima’s furious guitar licks which erupt and explode over the harmonic heartbeat of the drums and bass and Yamanaka’s banshee-like vocal style which was turning him into an occidental Iggy Pop or Robert Plant while the band itself was rapidly becoming Japan’s answer to Led Zeppelin.

**2 Bonus Tracks
(Map & Lullaby)