LP – Maquina – Why?

R$ 220,00

  • Ano: 1970
  • Formato: LP Lacrado
  • Quantidade de Musicas: 4
  • Genero: Rock 
  • Gravadora: Guerssen Records – GUESS178
  • Origem: Espanha

Along with Smash, Cerebrum, or Pan & Regaliz, Catalan band MÀQUINA! was one the true pioneers when talking about the underground Spanish psych-prog scene from the late 60s. “Why?” was their debut album, originally released in 1970 on the Diábolo label and housed in a striking surreal sleeve designed by band member Jordi Batiste. English vocals, wicked acid fuzz–wah guitars, Hammond organ, flute…including the legendary self–titled track, 24 minutes (split into two parts) of wild psychedelic improvisation. Featuring Josep Maria “Tapi” Vilaseca (later of Tapiman) on drums, Josep Maria París on fuzz guitar, Luigi Cabanach on wah guitar, Enric Herrera on organ and Jordi Batiste on bass/flute/vocals. Highly sought–after by psych collectors worldwide, here’s a long-overdue new vinyl reissue of this cult album featuring newly remastered sound, original artwork, and an insert with detailed liner notes and cool photos. (m/m)

*Newly remastered sound
*Original artwork in heavy cardboard sleeve + OBI
*8–page color insert with photos and detailed liner notes by Àlex Gómez