LP – Rotomagus – The Sky Turns Red – Duplo

R$ 224,00

  • Ano: 1971
  • Formato: LP Duplo – Lacrado
  • Quantidade de Musicas: 17
  • Genero: Rock
  • Gravadora: Lion Productions – LION LP-121
  • Origem: USA

There’s no way to know why CBS Records unceremoniously dumped Rotomagus and the Chico Magnetic Band after one single apiece; suffice to say that decision was a poor one, as both bands have (quite rightly) developed a cult-like following over the years. All in all, the artistic trajectory of Rotomagus was peculiar: they started out as a harmony pop-psych band, shifted through a brief Jimi Hendrix-ian interlude (‘The Sky Turns Red’), straight into a Vanilla Fudge groove.